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Ashley Thomas and John Clark

By Jennifer Steffy Swanson

Photo by Dream Love PhotographyAugust 3, 2013

Ashley recounts the story of one Sunday in May when she and John took a drive to Beavertail. In addition to visiting her grandmother in Jamestown, the pair enjoyed sitting on the rocks near the lighthouse. This particular day was cold — really cold. “We’re sitting there and he’s talking and I finally say, ‘Okay, it’s cold and it’s Sunday. We should go, I have lots to do.’ And he’s still talking and then he whips out this box, and I realize there’s a ring in it,” says Ashley. “It was very sweet. He did a good job.”

The whole wedding planning thing? More stressful than sweet, she says (although she did tell us we could leave that out if it was bad to say that to brides-to-be). What helped were good local vendors, like Andi at Andria Bird Bridal and her florist, Sayles Livingston. In addition, Ashley says she had a lot of luck with Pinterest and Etsy. “I had a vision in mind and I really wanted to nail it.”

Photos by Dreamlove Wedding Photography



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