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Aisle Say: Keep Calm, Plan On

By Erika Lynde

My subconscious is getting the better of me. I’ve had multiple dreams wake me up in the middle of the night. Sweaty palms, heart racing, my wedding plans have all gone awry — nightmares of rainy days and ceremonies where nobody shows up. They even get as bad as my hairdresser being a no-show and my gown not being finished. Oh the horror! I’m sure all you other brides have experienced this, too. I’m keeping calm by telling myself that they’re just dreams and this is normal. Even though I’m generally optimistic, I’m left in sort of a funk. I must change my state of mind and fast.

I’ve decided to not let the anxieties take over. I took to the Internet and sat down to explore. My heart was telling me to keep my eye on the ball. I needed to get back to planning and start a bride’s “to-do” list. So I looked up a chart to see how far along I should be according to wise wedding world.

The outline I found was based on months to give perspective of when certain things should be done. Our wedding date is set for December 23 so that means we are eight months away. According to the timeline, I’m not that far off: I’ve conquered the registry, I’ve selected my bridal party, a family member (luckily) has offered to be our officiant, and the owner of our reception venue is our caterer. We can’t afford a photographer, so all that’s left is a DJ. This seems like an easy task to complete before the end of the month. Let’s hope this sensible diagram will ease my mind and let me catch some zees. The DJ is now at the top of my “to-do” list, so until the task is complete, I’m sleeping with a dream catcher and adding few more yoga classes to my schedule. Wish me luck!

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