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Amanda: Forty-Six Days

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With just over a month to go, I’m closing in on freaking out.

By Amanda Parker

The last time I looked at the little countdown app on my phone it said, “150 days until you get hitched!” I looked at it again this morning: “46 days until you get hitched!” Where did 104 days go?!?! I feel like we still have six more months until we actually get married, but here we are on July 14, and August 30 is literally right around the corner.

This morning I called my mom, “Mom, I am in major wedding freak-out mode….” The invitation went out and that’s it — we’re done, right? Just sit back and wait for the responses. That’s what I thought was going to happen…boy, was I wrong. Bridesmaid shoes, flower girl shoes, gifts, menus, church booklets, table numbers, seating charts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There’s so much to do and only forty-six days to do it. Absolute craziness.

Everyone said ‘time will fly, and it will be here before you know it.’ I thought they were all crazy. I thought that when you’re so excited for something, it takes forever for that day to come. I remember all the Disney trips I used to go on as a child with my parents. They would tell me we were going to Disney in four months and the days seemed like weeks, the weeks like months and one month? That felt like an entire year. Well, I guess weddings are different because I swear I just looked at the calendar and it said November. How did July come so fast?

I’m pretty sure I am not the only bride that feels this way when the big date all of a sudden creeps up on you out of nowhere. So, to all those Labor Day weekend brides out there, buckle up: the next forty-six days will be one wild ride. Cheers!


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