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Aisle Say: Meet Alana and Ryan

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Editor’s Note: Make sure you also read their news-worthy (this is punny… you’ll see) proposal story here!

By Alana Cerrone

In January of 2015, Ryan and I went on our first vacation together. We were SO excited and our friends and family probably thought we were crazy — we had only been dating for two months (full disclosure: I had basically moved into his apartment after about four weeks. Sorry mom.)

Anyways, as we checked in to our hotel, Ryan (always the go-big-or-go-home type) finagled a deal with the desk guy to upgrade us to the honeymoon suite (I blushed).

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I believe it was day two of the vaca. We were at the pool bar chatting with some older couples from down south. They asked how long we had been married and we both smiled and I giggled like an idiot. We both said “Guess,” and the guy said “Gotta be 5 years.” We laughed and went along with it, even though we had only been dating for a couple months. We talk about that story to this day and always thought it was so funny. At the same time we were both so HAPPY and relieved because at that point we knew we both liked the idea of being married.

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Long story short: Our entire relationship we’ve felt like we’ve known each other forever,  even dating forever, and even been married forever. We both lead pretty crazy lives — he’s a police officer, I’m a news reporter, and we have two crazy dogs — but we make it work!

All we know about our future wedding is that we want it to be different, FUN, and representative of us. So this, I’m sure, will be a wild wedding-planning ride!

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