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Katelyn Greene and Domenic Klitzner

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Katelyn Greene of Warwick and Domenic Klitzner of Cranston are set to wed May 12, 2018 at Kirkbrae Country Club.

IMG_6377 (002)_sm How We Met 

Domenic and I met through a mutual friend couple. We started by being best friends who hung out every day; we even had a secret handshake. We were inseparable and fell for each other. We started by saying “I like you” moved on to saying “I love you!” And now we get to say “I do!”

Our Proposal Story

One word: Perfect! We met my sister, Jessica, and her husband, Taylor, for drinks at O’Rourke’s in Pawtuxet Village. It had just snowed and Taylor asked my sister to go for a walk with him down to the water (He’s a nature guy!). Jess, obviously in on it, acted her normal self and said no. I felt bad and convinced her to take the walk and Domenic and I came too! We walked to a gazebo where Jess wanted a picture (She’s a picture freak, always!). We took a picture of them and naturally we wanted one too. Domenic and I were facing the water for our first picture and when we turned around my whole life changed forever. Dom had a whole speech planned and got down on one knee. “There’s a lot of ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you.” Somewhere between the tears, screams and pure shock, I said yes!

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  • Genevieve Scott March 31, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    I just love these pictures of you and Domenic, Katelyn. The scenery is so beautiful – not to mention the happiness that you two are shown sharing. I think of your mother each time I see that shoveled gazebo, a truly wonderful mother you have there Katelyn, and the picture of Domenic looking into your face with that beautiful smile…just melts my heart with joy. I also think of the Beyonce song, “Put A Ring On It” when I see you holding up your hand with your hips swung to the side. Just so beautiful. I am thrilled, and looking forward to your wedding. I love you both. Love, Auntie Jay-Jay xxoo


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