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Alana: Save Me From Save-the-Dates

By Alana Cerrone 


After a month or two of zero wedding-planning progress, I finally figured I’d move on to the next big wedding-planning step: Save the dates.

Holy options.

I already knew I was bad enough at making decisions, but then I tried designing and picking our save-the-dates (Can’t I just email people, or send them a Google Calendar invite?). This step is probably like Disney World for most brides, with all of the colors and designs and fonts and different types of paper (?!?), but for me it is an actual nightmare. 

The good news is there are templates out there, and I really liked some of the layouts that are pre-designed. Ultimately, I ended up going with one of those and I loved it! It is plain, simple and CHEAP which was my main concern given that I’m trying to save 99% of the funds for actual wedding night things that people (including Ryan and I) will enjoy, like alcohol and food. 

But now after all the time and effort that I put in, I’m like, “Well, I hope people don’t just throw it out…” Amirite!? 

It also has me thinking: ‘How will I ever choose a dress!?’


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