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Betsy and Kevin

Betsy of Charlestown and Kevin of Chicago, Illinois are set to wed at ‘Quonnie’ Pond on September 1st.

How We Met

We actually met online and then in person finally after a few weeks of lengthy messaging. Our first date was just dinner on the harbor, but it was so much fun. Backstreet Boys came on the speakers and when Kevin started singing along we realized our shared love for all things 90’s. We became inseparable after a few months; we’re truly best friends.

Our Proposal Story

While on vacation in Quonnie, Kevin dragged me, my mom, dad and brother out on the salt pond at sunrise for an early morning clamming session. It was beautiful and peaceful; the glassy water was littered with swans and geese. We wandered around for an hour and got dozens of clams. Every year we plant a clam to retrieve the following year — a silly tradition. Upon heading back to shore, Kevin asked if we could grab the clam from last year. When we got to the spot he pretended to be afraid of finding a crab instead. Being the tough cookie that I am, I came over and started digging. I felt something far too smooth under the dirt. When I pulled out the white, fake scallop shell, I was instantly mortified thinking that I had ruined someone else’s surprise: Inside the shell was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. But then when I turned to look at Kevin, he was kneeling in the foot deep water and asking his best friend to be his partner forever. Of course I said yes! My brother then came out from behind a boat with a champagne bottle. The swans flew away due to the excitement, but we look back and like to think they were flying over us at sunrise in celebration. 


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