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Alana: I said “Yes” then “Maybe” then “Kinda” to the Dress!

By Alana Cerrone

I’m having second thoughts about my wedding….dress.

I fell in love with the first dress I tried on back in August. Caroline from Alexandra’s Boutique in Fall River was amazing. I did try on a few more for good measure, but I (and my mom, sister, and friends) knew the first one was THE one.

I was happy with it. I bought it and never really thought about it again… Until now.

It’s a very classic, modest dress. Without giving away too many details, in case Ryan is reading this, it’s not revealing at all. I thought that’s what I wanted and what I would want to see in pictures 30 years from now, but I changed my mind. I want it to be a little “funner”. I have, or HAD,  the option to get the dress without lining in a certain area, but I ordered it “lined”, and now I’m nervous that the dress shop won’t be able to take it out! Or I’m nervous that I don’t know for sure if I want it unlined or lined.

My first fitting is in a couple weeks. Thats when I plan on asking them. I’ll be here freaking out until then.



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