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Alana: Dress Crisis Averted

By Alana Cerrone

A couple of weeks ago, before my first wedding dress fitting, I fought the biggest internal battle of my wedding planning experience. So far.

I thought I wanted to take the lining out of my dress to make it a little “sexier,” and it felt like my wedding dreams had come crumbling down. I wasn’t sure if the seamstress was going to be able to do it, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it either way. I felt horrible.

Then, at my first fitting, I stood in my dress in front of the mirrors at Alexandra‘s Boutique in Fall River and everything became clear again. I was in love with my dress and I remembered why. Yay! But it gets better.

Then the seamstress, Connie (who I’m pretty sure is magic), made a few suggestions to tailor certain parts of the dress to better fit my body. A little nip here, tuck here, and she was sure it’d make all the difference. And holy matrimony, it did. At the second fitting last week, the dress looked like it was literally made for my body. Can we get an “amen” for the professional seamstresses in our lives? I underestimated just how important they are and what a difference they can make. Love ya, Connie!

Now, I can’t wait till the final fitting in a couple weeks.

P.S. I keep telling Connie she will have to “take it in” because I’m going to, like, “lose sooo much weight by then.” But, let’s be serious: she and I both know that’s not going to happen.


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