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Ariana Parillo and Ryan Jamiel

Ariana Parillo and Ryan Jamiel of Cranston are set to wed on October 27, 2018 at Harbor Lights.

How We Met

Ryan and I both grew up in Cranston. Though we are three years apart in age and went to different schools, we had numerous mutual friends but oddly never really met. It wasn’t until October of 2015 that we officially met each other after I was at G Pub with my friends and happened to see Ryan walk in. The next day I sent him a message on Facebook (like a creep), we got into conversation and eventually he asked to take me out. We went to Main Street Coffee in East Greenwich for our first date and had such a good time. We talked everyday after that and our relationship just kind of formed!

Our Proposal Story

On August 8, 2017, Ryan had arranged for the two of us to take a helicopter tour of Newport! Since my birthday is August 9th, I just figured we were doing this and spending the day in Newport to celebrate that. I was so wrong, but I should have known just by the way Ryan was acting before hand! He wouldn’t make eye contact with me and he barely touched his lunch (which is very unlike him). After flying over all of Newport and getting to see the most beautiful views from up above, we headed back to the airport. As we were approaching, Ryan got my attention and pointed to something on the ground. I looked out the window and to my surprise saw a banner down on the ground that read: “Will you marry me?” I was in complete and utter shock, and honestly not even sure the banner was meant for me, but as I looked back up at Ryan he was asking me to marry him and putting a ring on my finger! I, of course, said yes (even though I’m not sure he heard me because my headset wasn’t working very well). After the proposal we headed to dinner at The Mooring where, unbeknownst to me, Ryan had invited my parents and his sisters so they could meet us and celebrate! Best day ever.


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