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Alison Wojcik and Tyler Malo

📷: Mel Colvin Photography

Alison Wojcik and Tyler Malo of Pawtucket are set to wed at the Crestwood Country Club on November 17, 2018.

How We Met

Tyler and I started dating six years ago. I was only 19 and he was 20 (just babies). We met through a healthy mix of mutual friends and social media. We grew up in the same town, but didn’t officially meet and start dating until college.

Our Proposal Story

I was at work on a typical Friday afternoon when a beautiful arrangement of flowers arrived. On the flowers there was a note from Ty that told me to dress nice because he had made dinner reservations for 8. Of course, like any other girl, my mind went straight to: “This is it!!” so I left work early to get my hair curled. I didn’t have time to buy a new dress, but luckily had the most perfect one in the closest with the tags still on. When Tyler arrived home, I peeked outside when I heard his car and he was already dressed up and ready for dinner. (This was strange because he wore a uniform.) When he came inside, he played it off like he just wanted to celebrate a recent accomplishment I had at my job. Right before we left for dinner, he told me that he needed to put his shoes on. I was waiting in the living room, and when he came back in he got down on one knee and said “Will you marry me?” I was shaking! It was very “us” to do it in the quiet of our own home.

Tyler brought me to The Dorrance for dinner. We told them we were engaged that night and they brought us glasses of Champagne! It was the best night. We didn’t tell anyone until after dinner so we could enjoy the moment to ourselves.


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