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Alyssa and Peter

📷: Mackenzie B Photography

Alyssa of Foster and Peter of Glocester are set to wed at the Warwick Country Club on August 24, 2019.

How We Met

It’s funny, we actually met some time in the 6th grade. We went to middle and high school together, shared some of the same friends and sat at the same table for our senior year ceramics class, where we made some interesting vases, unique bowls and better memories. But our love story didn’t start to bloom until 6 years after graduation. Some of our friends from high school planned to get together in the summer of 2014 and Pete had offered to take us to Prudence Island on his boat, now infamously known as ‘Boat Day’ because the rest is really history. We spent the whole day talking, cracking jokes, pulling one another around on a float in the water, and by the time the sun was setting, we were making plans to spend the rest of the summer together. We both say that we knew that day that we were meant to be.

Our Proposal Story

Since reuniting for that first time after high school, we have been inseparable. From inside jokes, first dates in Newport by the water, and spontaneous road trips to North Carolina beaches, it was — and still is — like being head over heels in love with your best friend. Among our similarities, we love to travel and explore different places — especially anything by the water. On Thursday, January 25, 2018, we drove up to Hinesburg, Vermont for a long weekend get-away. Very much like any other trip, Pete suggested we explore a trail in the area. The trail was icy and it was going to get dark soon, so I questioned turning around a couple of times, and he even offered to turn back if I wanted. But he knows me so well… I wanted to keep going. We reached the part of the trail that leads out and across Lake Champlain, and it was just us on the path with the frozen water on either side of us as the sun set. It was beautiful. The wind really picked up, and Pete pulled me closer and started reminding me of the day we first met, of our first date and of all the special days in between. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I thought he was kidding around with me(something totally in Pete’s character). He took the ring out and I was still in shock, so I asked again, “Are you kidding??'” HE WASN’T KIDDING! Of course, I said YES! Eventually we ran back to the car to warm up, stopping to remind each other that we were engaged! Once we got back, he had a homemade card waiting for me on which he had painted a picture of the trail he just proposed to me on along with a letter inside. He had the whole thing planned out, and I had no idea! He told me that he met with my dad in a coffee shop three days before and asked for his blessing. I was told they were both two men crying in a coffee shop. That night, we spent hours calling everyone we knew and sharing our exciting news! We’re getting married!


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