Grace K: A Bridesmaid Dress That’s Just Peachy

Grace K: A Bridesmaid Dress That’s Just Peachy

A convertible bridesmaid dress gives my maids styling options.

By Grace Keating
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Versa convertible dress. Image from

Since I last wrote in September, Kevin and I have been busy with wedding prep. I feel like we are really making progress, which is great because we’re getting closer and closer to July 16. I know that once the holidays are over and we round the corner into 2016, the few months we have left will just fly by. We got engaged in July of 2014, so just having the current year be the year we are actually getting married will feel exciting!

The development I am most excited about is having asked all the members of my bridal party and, best of all, picked out bridesmaids’ dresses! I have gathered six of my best friends (my sister, a cousin, two friends from childhood and two friends from college) and am so thrilled to have these girls standing by me throughout this process. We recently nailed down the dress selection: the Versa convertible dress from David’s Bridal. It is a long, flowing style that be worn strapless or with the straps fixed in a number of different ways. The dresses are ordered, and I can’t wait to figure out what different styles my girls will all be wearing!

The dresses are in a shade of light peach/pink called ‘Bellini.’ The color plays right into my vision of an elegant and airy gold and peach color scheme. We don’t have a specific theme in mind for the day, but I am envisioning lots of gold, peach and ivory decor to tie everything together and give it a classic, summer feel. I’m excited that that’s finally coming to life with the ordering of our dresses.

We also purchased save-the-date postcards using some of the photos from our engagement session, which I wrote about in my third blog post. I am a huge fan of Minted and utilized this inexpensive website to purchase our awesome, inventive, unique save-the-dates. We are also utilizing Minted’s wedding website feature to set up a free website. I had previously set up a wedding website using the ever-popular platform, The Knot. I wasn’t very impressed with The Knot’s small selection of templates and few design/customization options. As someone who is passionate about effective communication and design, I didn’t love the website I had created. With Minted’s feature, however, I created an amazing layout that looks like a ‘real’ website I was paid to make. I can’t believe it was free and so easy!

These are the most fun and productive updates for now. We are looking forward to going to our venue’s tasting night in January, where we can sample dinner and appetizer foods for the Big Day. And before that, we’re of course looking forward to the holiday season — our last as a non-married couple!

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