Studio Vogue Salon: Bringing Fairytales to Life

Studio Vogue Salon: Bringing Fairytales to Life


The first stop on our mini series of weddings around New England is Studio Vogue Salon. A salon which is working to make brides dreams come true with a touch of color, a shiny manicure and tease of the comb.


The hair, makeup, nails and natural beauty of a bride is just as important as picking out the dress, and Studio Vogue Salon of Fall River, Mass. works closely with the bride and her party to make her day extra special. As the website proclaims, get ready to “enter the ambiance of comfort, style and relaxation.”


If you are ready to put a ring on it you may be looking for the perfect manicure. Or possibly you are looking for the effortless curls, which will bounce as you glide down the aisle. Brides and their girls can expect a whole line of services to choose from, which will make the final “I do” even more extravagant.

Salon owner and Paul Mitchell Educator, Lina Sousa has been in business for twenty-five years come this October and has worked closely with the bridal party to create the picture perfect look.

“We offer hair, make-up, skin care, body waxing, laser hair removal, pedicures, manicures and massages,” says Sousa. “We offer several packages or you can customize your own. The bride can come in with her bridal party for a full day of pampering and relaxation. Some packages even include lunch.”


To make sure the bride’s ideal look is captured, a trial run is a must. It gives everyone an idea on how the look will come together.

“Typically the bride comes in a few weeks prior to the wedding. They usually try to coordinate it with their last fitting so they can see the complete look,” says Sousa. “This is the time where changes are made. We then take pictures of her hair and makeup so on the wedding day it all goes smoothly.”

If you’re looking to release the stress of having to travel back and forth, the salon will pack up and come to you. They’ll even ensure that an adult friendly beverage and treat to pair will be served.

“We offer off-site for the brides that want us to come to them. Especially for out-of-town brides,” says Sousa. “On-sight, we open at whatever time necessary to accommodate the bridal party’s needs. We also offer mimosas, coffee and pastry.”

Over the years the owner established the building blocks to her business from the ground up, her inspiration coming from a simple bridal boutique.

“When I opened my business I was located upstairs from a bridal shop,” says Sousa. “I built my bridal business by volunteering to do hair and makeup at their bridal shows, which in turn gave me lots of exposure to the brides. Bridal shows are a great way to showcase your work and your product.”


After completing a wedding and giving all of yourself into the bride’s dream day, the feeling afterwards is like a perfect ending to a fairy tale of which you brought to life and Sousa would not change it for the world.

“When you’re done with a wedding party, especially the bride, it sends chills up your body,” says Sousa. “It’s one of the happiest days of her life and as their stylist you’re so fortunate to share it with them and make what they’ve envisioned themselves to look like come to life.”

Dedication, training and a hard working staff is what makes the show happen. You have to keep up with the season’s hottest trends and offset the highest of standards to deliver to your guests

“I am blessed to have an amazing team of talented stylist, who are all very creative,” says Sousa. “We have in salon, hands-on trainings and attend trade shows to keep us current. We also rely on social media to see what are the latest trends.”


Sousa has served and pampered many parties and one memory she will never forget will be a simple act of love from a brother to his sister.

“I have done hundreds of bridal parties in the twenty-eight years as a stylist, it’s so difficult to pinpoint one. They are all special and meaningful in their own unique way but there is one that I’ll never forget,” Sousa says proudly. “That morning, as we were all working on the wedding party, the bride’s brother came in and brought her a bouquet of roses with a card. It was the sweetest thing ever, it made me cry.”

Now it is time to get all glammed up and take your next steps into forever. If you would like to make a consultation or reservation you can call the salon at (508)-677-0866. Enjoy the “you” time you deserve.

Be sure to stay tuned and check back for the next installment of this series where we will be visiting Beautiful Things in Westport, Mass!

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