Ask the Expert: Bachelor/ette Bash at Lang’s Bowlarama

Ask the Expert: Bachelor/ette Bash at Lang’s Bowlarama


By John Kiernan

Bachelor/ette parties are as much a wedding tradition as any, but for those who don’t love the idea of running from bar to bar and having a night that they may or may not remember, there are other options. Why not settle down at your favorite local bowling alley, have a few drinks and knock down some pins? The entire party, bride and/or groom included, is sure to have a great time. Dayna Mancini, events coordinator at Lang’s Bowlarama, offered some tips on having the perfect bachelor/ette bowling bash.

How far in advance of the festivities should I be looking to book?

We prefer at least a week but there is some degree of flexibility. It depends a lot on the bowling league schedules and if there are any other events scheduled.


Why have a bowling bachelor/ette party in the first place? Why not just the typical bar crawl?

It’s a step above your traditional bachelor/ette party. A bar crawl is pretty forgettable. Why would you make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration run of the mill? It’s an interactive, memorable, out of the box experience that anyone of any skill level can participate in. Even if some of your party members are terrible at bowling, they will still have a fun time and everyone will get a laugh out of it too.


Does a bowling party lend itself to any themes?

You can definitely do themed parties! Our space in particular has a very Mid-Century Modern vibe. That was the golden age of bowling so it makes sense that you’d want to have that sixties feel. Lang’s actually has an added bonus of authenticity. We were opened in 1960 and our décor and colors stay in line with the building’s original design. During a recent renovation, we uncovered the alley’s original color scheme and we reinstalled it.

Because it’s so iconic, other companies try to emulate that time period, but we’re the real deal.


Would our party be restricted to the bowling lanes? Are there dedicated spaces or rooms for celebrations?

Most bowling alleys should have an additional space, but I think Lang’s has something special. We have the Skyline Event Center, which is our beautifully renovated lounge equipped with a full bar and catering. It can be rented privately or semi-privately depending on the party. We can accommodate up to 125 people, so if you have a lot of friends going out with you, and I mean a lot, there should be plenty of space. We’re in the process of building a brand new bar that should be done in the near future which will make the Skyline an even better space. We like to keep things flexible though. You’re certainly welcome to just set up your party by the lanes.


Is bowling the only entertainment at your alley?

There’s a bunch of alternative entertainment. In the bowling category we like to keep things interesting. One of our most popular programs is bowling under black light. It gives the entire alley a different vibe and is just a lot of fun. Besides our twists on normal bowling, we do have live music on the weekends and a DJ during the week. If your party is feeling particularly enthusiastic, we have karaoke too which is a classic bachelorette party activity.


What kind of food can we get?

Like most bowling alleys, we have a classic selection with pizza, wings, nachos and other food like that. Our in-house catering also has options for larger parties  with a full hot buffet menu, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. If you’d like even more sophisticated meals, we work with an outside caterer and offer entrees like roasted pork loin and Chicken Francaise.


What kinds of drinks are available?

Everyone associates bowling with pitchers of cheap beer, but there are plenty of other options! We do have a big selection of craft beers on tap and bottled, and of course, we offer pitchers, but we also have a full bar that can mix up a variety of cocktails. Our whisky bar is also quite extensive with over fifty different varieties of bourbon, scotch, rye whiskey and more. If you’re having a bachelorette party and no one in your group likes beer, we offer pitchers of sangria too!


What makes Lang’s a better venue than other bowling alleys?

The thing that really sets us apart is our staff. They’re a passionate bunch that really cares about bowling and customer service. If you or anyone in your party is an inexperienced bowler, they’re always happy to give a few tips or help you out in any other way possible. Customers are always complimenting us on our staff and I’m glad that they’re a part of this establishment. Other than that, I think that Lang’s is an all-around great bowling alley. It’s a fun space, very clean, and has free parking with easy access from the highway. It would be a great place for any party!


Any other information you’d like to include about Lang’s?

It’s a great, affordable option for anyone looking to have a memorable and unconventional bachelor or bachelorette party. Feel free to call us if you have any more questions!



Contact Lang’s Bowlarama:

Address: 225 Niantic Ave, Cranston

Phone: 944-0500


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