Melyssa Lennox and Chad Beauchemin

Melyssa Lennox and Chad Beauchemin

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Melyssa Lennox and Chad Beauchemin of Burrillville are set to wed on October 8, 2017 at Bryant University followed by an intimate reception at 1149 Restaurant

 How We Met

Chad and I officially met when we were sixteen. We went to the same high school together, and even had a few classes together, but we had different circles of friends. But in 11th grade, in our physics class, we ended up sitting next to each other and started talking. At one of the high school dances, he started dancing with me and eventually asked me to be his girlfriend.

We have stayed together for ten years, going through the rest of high school, college, our first jobs and more. We have lived together for eight of those ten years, and he is the love of my life.

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Our Proposal Story

I had an inkling that Chad was going to propose. We had always known we were going to get married, we were just so young that we wanted to wait. But he was talking about it more frequently, and I know Chad is one to have all the details made up to perfection.

Every year we plan a mini vacation to Block Island and we reserve the same hotel. It’s kind of our tradition. The morning of our trip, he was acting suspicious and had said he put his hair gel in his pocket so he “could fix it later” and he wouldn’t let me go near the pocket. He was also very particular that when we got to the island, he wanted to drop off our stuff at the hotel and go directly to the Bluffs, which is this gorgeous semi-private beach on the island, away from the more touristy section of the island.

So we got to the island and make our way to the hotel, and immediately he wanted to leave. We walked over to the bike stand to rent bikes, and he told me that while I am renting the bikes he would go to the cafe/bakery right next door to our hotel room to use the bathroom. It struck me as odd that he wouldn’t just use our hotel, but I let it slide.

Now let me paint a picture for you: it was the middle of August, on a very balmy summer day, and we had had to bike all uphill to get to this beach — and I am not one that loves biking. It wasn’t the most romantic trip, and I kept muttering to myself, “There better be a ring at the end of this.” We made our way to the beach, climb down the 300 stairs it takes to get to the water’s edge, and started walking alongside the waves.

At one point I saw a professional photographer and I started to get anxious, thinking this was the moment. But the photographer just kept walking by us. We sat on the beach for a solid hour and a half, with no proposal in sight. We also hadn’t brought our bathing suits because he “didn’t want to get a sunburn”, so I couldn’t even cool off. At this point, I was sweaty, tired, thirsty and annoyed. I figured we had a few more days, maybe he will do it another time, maybe this was all in my head. But at that point I just wanted to get back.

When I asked him what he wanted to do, he nonchalantly said he didn’t care and that we could head back if I wanted. So we climbed the 300 plus stairs to get back to our bikes. On the way back (all downhill) Chad mentioned he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to walk back. I had to walk the downhill part of the biking!

When we finally got back to the hotel we returned our bikes and all I want to do was get a bottle of water. I was physically exhausted, burnt out mentally, and ready to relax. But as he turned the key in the door and opened it for me, I was blinded by the most beautifully decorated hotel room I had ever seen.

The room was lit with hundreds of small (battery operated) tea light candles and the floor and bed was covered in rose petals. Strings of photographs covered the room, ranging from all ten years of our relationship. Our first picture and our most recent were framed front and center. An orchestrated version of our song was playing, and the room smelled of vanilla (my favorite scent). I was completely taken by surprise and as he led me to the center of the room, I was overwhelmed by everything.

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When he knelt down to propose both he and I began to cry. Somehow he managed to ask me and I said yes. I later found out that he had recorded the entire proposal from three separate angles (he works in the film industry) so that we would have the moment forever.

As I began to realize I was now engaged, he then told me that next door (in that bakery/cafe) were our two best friends, whom had taken the ferry to Block Island and set up the entire room for him. When he went to “the bathroom” he was actually giving the room key to them. They had been working on the proposal set up for weeks. We went and celebrated and had dinner with them, and then went back to the hotel where I got to watch our entire proposal video.

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