Kara DeBiasio and Max Glaser

Kara DeBiasio and Max Glaser


Kara DeBiasio of Smithfield and Max Glaser of Cranston are set to wed September 2, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick.

 How We Met1

My fiancé and I first met way back in the day when we were both in the 7th grade while moving our older sisters into college. We chatted briefly through the social media that was popular back then (AIM and Myspace), but we were young and were at different schools so we went our separate ways. But a little over four years ago, we met once again. We reconnected over social media that is now popular today (Facebook) and Max asked me out on a date. We went ice-skating, which is not my favorite thing to do, but it worked in his favor, as he was able to hold my hand to keep me from falling on the ice! Then we went out for sushi, which is my favorite and made up for the ice-skating (haha!). We continued to go on date after date, survived a three year long distance relationship, as I had to go off to graduate school, and now can happily say we are engaged and beyond excited for married life!

Our Proposal Story


Let’s first start off by saying that I was NOT expecting the proposal and was very surprised! Max and I decided to wait until after I passed my boards and started my career to get engaged. So this is how my mind was set and I was never thinking this would be the day he would pop the question. However, it was the best day of my life and I wouldn’t want it to have happened any other way or at any other time. I think it was much more exciting having been so surprised, too. My fiance and I decided to take a little fun vacation to Universal Studios in Florida before I took my boards. On our second day there, he told me that he had a little surprise later that night but that it was nothing extravagant. We got ready and he had an Uber pick us up to take us to the location. I was guessing the whole car ride of what we were doing, but would have never guessed what we actually were about to do. The Uber driver dropped us off on this road that was pitch black with nothing but a big storage house set back on the side of the road (who knows what was going through the Uber guy’s mind at that time!) I was quite confused, but then finally figured out what we were doing after I read this sign that was in front of the storage house saying, “Wait for the helicopter here.” We were going on a private helicopter ride! So cool! And still I had no thought in my mind that he was going to be proposing. Then, I find out that we are flying over Disney Worlds Epcot Fireworks! (He knows that Disney is one of my favorite places ever.) And again..still no thoughts of me getting engaged that night. So we were up in the air, watching the beautiful fireworks with our helicopter headsets on, and he taps me on the shoulder to get my attention. Max then began to talk through his head set and told me how happy he has been these last four years together. I watched as his hand went into his shirt pocket to grab the ring and this is when I knew it was actually happening; I was being proposed to! I was completely shocked but incredibly happy. The ring is perfect, too! So now I can say I got engaged in a helicopter over Epcot’s fireworks. It was the most perfect night ever and he planned it out so thoughtfully. I couldn’t ask for a more caring and loving fiancé!


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