Laura Minadeo and Alexander Rotella

Laura Minadeo and Alexander Rotella

Laura Minadeo of Warwick and Alexander Rotella of Cranston are set to wed on October 12, 2019 at Wrights Mill Farm in Canterbury, Connecticut.

How We Met

If all the world’s a stage then thank goodness we were both cast in the same play!

Alex and I met at our first college theater course in 2009. We quickly became friends because we kept getting cast as love interests. As the years passed, we became closer and closer and then in 2011 we started dating.

Our Proposal Story

Acting has always been a huge part of both mine and Alex’s lives. So much that both our first plays were “the Wizard of Oz” (this is important to the story!).

On June 22, 2017, Alex and I went for our annual summer Block Summer vacation. As we checked into our Inn, the girl at the counter smiled and handed me a small envelope. After we brought our things to our room I opened the envelope and realized it was a clue for a scavenger hunt. At first I thought it was just a “silly tourist scavenger hunt” and threw it on the bed. Alex was quick to tell me how fun it might be to do. I could see how excited he was, so I read the first clue. It gave several hints as to where the next clue could be found and in the envelope was a small heart pin. The clue said to wear the pin for the entire day as I completed the scavenger hunt. The rest of the morning took us around the entirety of Block Island, going from shop to shop to find clues waiting for me at each.

As we found each clue, it became clear that there was a theme and this wasn’t just a “silly tourist” scavenger hunt. One clue came with a tiny scarecrow filled with corn to feed the animals at the zoo, the next was a beautiful pink shell with a quote from Glinda the Good Witch and then the next was a bottle filled with “courage.” The last and most beautiful clue brought us to the Southeast Lighthouse where a yellow brick road was laid out leading to a Dorothy dress-printed blanket with a picnic basket. That’s where, in front of both our families and even our dog, Pepper Anne (huge surprise), the love of my life asked me to be his wife!!! He later told me that he had spent months planning the incredible engagement.

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