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The Groom’s Room at Hotel Viking

Chapel Grooms RoomBy John Kiernan

With most weddings it always seems like everyone’s attention is focused on the bride, but you can’t forget about the groom. Nothing is more stressful than the pre-wedding jitters and Newport’s Hotel Viking has rolled out a new feature that will be a big help to men before their trip to the altar. The Groom’s Room is a pre-marriage man-cave that’s at the disposal of the groom and his groomsmen while they wait for the bride-to-be.

“Our goal for the space is to provide the groom with a place to relax, enjoy and prepare for his wedding,” says Keith Chouinard, Hotel Viking’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “There are plenty of items in the room meant to relieve stress or preoccupy.”

For the groom into gaming, there’s a 55-inch TV and an Xbox with over fifteen games.  If you’re into more traditional activities of leisure, there are playing cards, a poker set and even a miniature indoor putting green. No matter what your tastes, it offers the perfect space to escape the stress that can go hand-in-hand with the big day. There’s even a mini-fridge and bar that the guys can stock with their favorite beverages as well as an exclusive menu that offers a variety of snacks for pre-order.

“It’s really just a place to be comfortable and accommodating,” says Chouinard.

If the Groom’s Room sounds like just the thing you need, think about choosing Hotel Viking as your wedding venue.  They’ve got an attached chapel, a number of catering options and a gorgeous location. Visit or call 401-848-4800 for more information.


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