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Sarah King and Anthony Desmarais Jr.

Sarah King  and Anthony Desmarais Jr. of North Providence are set to wed at the Providence Omni Hotel on October 20, 2018

How We Met 

We actually went to high school together and I was friendly with his twin sister. Anthony and I won a superlative for Best Laugh our senior year, and our first picture together is from that. Fast forward four years and our friends were trying to set us up. We kept missing each other every time we went out with our friends, but on New Years Eve 2011 we finally went to the same party, and it’s been history ever since!


Our Proposal Story

It was October 14, and we had decided to go to a corn maze. It was pouring rain but we still decided to go. When we started walking out of the corn maze, I noticed two pumpkins that said, “Marry Me?” I started to cry and looked at him. We walked closer to the pumpkin display and it read, “Sarah Will You Marry Me?” He got down on one knee in the pouring rain, and it happened!


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