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Alana: DIY or DI-BUY?

By Alana Cerrone

With only 24 more days until the BIG day, we’re starting to get all of our final details in check. The fun stuff! A little bit overwhelming at times, but fun nonetheless.

This brings me to my next blog topic: DIY. I am infamous for pinning and screenshot-ing DIY projects that I’m obsessed with and “will totally do in all my free time.” I’ve done zero. And that includes wedding DIY projects. I’ve pinned literally 1,000. Haven’t looked at them since. But here’s the one that I actually WILL do (possibly): DIY ‘Marquee’ letters!! They’re sooo cool, and I want them at my wedding and want them in my house after the wedding. There will be three: ‘A’, ‘&’, and ‘R’. I found a YouTube video to guide me through the whole process.

By the way, on Etsy, they’re $200 each and, let’s face it, ain’t nobody got cash for that at the end of their wedding planning.

I’ve already talked to Ryan and he thinks I’m crazy and I’m sure he just assumes it will not get done, but I’M DOING IT. Even though it’s crunch time, I’m doing it.

Anyone else taken on a DIY project before the wedding? Good idea? Bad?


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