The Party’s Party

The Party’s Party

By Amanda Parker

“Hi, my name is Amanda. What’s yours?”

“I’m Steve, nice to meet you.”

And then you walk into a crowded room, hand in hand, and act like you’ve known each other for years — smiling and laughing — and then you never see Steve again. Sounds like a hopelessly romantic chick flick, but it’s just the reality of being in a wedding party.11 invitation

Being in a wedding is a blast, but it’s also pretty awkward, if you ask me. That’s why we decided to have a meet the bridal party cocktail party. (Any excuse for getting together and having fun, right?)

I designed our invitations on — it was so easy to do! You just pick a template that you like, fill in the information and it’s done. We then ordered food from Venda Ravioli on the Hill. (I had a hilarious conversation with the chef, whose shrimp cocktail, in case you were wondering, “is beautiful and made with a lot of love!” He was hilarious!) I would recommend their food for catering any time. It was fantastic and so reasonably priced. And, of course, name tags: What is a meet-and-greet without name tags that include your role in the wedding?

Kim (one of the bridesmaids) flew up from Florida, the flower girls came from Massachusetts and we Skype’d with Jameson, the ring bearer, from Chicago. Everyone talked and met each other over delicious food and cocktails. We had a great time, and it was so much fun for everyone (and their significant others) to meet.

Now on August 30, it won’t be awkward at all, and the bridal party can have normal conversations versus some of the awkward ones I’ve had as a bridesmaid. Since you have been following along, meet the wedding party:

11 group

Back row (L-R): Kimberly Gosselin, Laura Ciorlano, Merinda Baron, Katie Francazio, Brian Moscarelli, Lauren Cerra, Matthew Misbin, Kelly Bush (Matt and Kelly are actually dating thanks to Adam and I!), Tony Lupino, Peter Spinelli, Marie Lupino, Matthew Lovejoy, Patty Parker, Gary Parker, Jason Buck, Scott Pullano.  Front : Hailee Allerton, me, Ainley Allerton and Adam.

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