Stock Up on Wedding Favors and Registry Items with Stock Culinary Goods

Stock Up on Wedding Favors and Registry Items with Stock Culinary Goods

By Kaitlyn Murray

Still scrambling to find that perfect little something for your bridal party / family members / guests as a thank you for helping out with and attending one of the most important days of your life? (No pressure or anything).

Or, are you looking to register somewhere a bit more exciting than the Container Store?

Either way, you should probably stop by Stock Culinary Goods’ Indie Wedding Registry Shindig tonight around 6 p.m.

Why? Well, for one, we’ve already established that you need gift and / or registry ideas. That right there is reason enough. And two, the products featured at this event won’t be your average, garden-variety trinkets.

“Our big differentiator is we also have a lot of items that are more personal and more local,” says Stock owner, Jan Faust Dane. “I think that the younger generation really values gifts that were made by humans with a story. So that’s what I wanted to do: connect the art to the artist.”

At tonight’s shindig, recently engaged couples will be able to do just that: speak directly with the local artisans behind the favorite wares so often found at Stock Culinary Goods. Most of tonight’s featured products will be on the smaller side, and only some are customizable, but even so it’s pretty safe to say that they will serve as both ideal and unique wedding favor fodder for your loved ones.

Don’t believe me? Check out the goods:

For your Bridesmaids:

teeny bowls
Teeny bowls by ceramicist Michelle Phaneuf
Faces Espresso Cups from Anna Highsmith


For your groomsmen:

crab bottle openers
Horseshoe Crab Bottle Openers from Matthew Hall

Alternative: A beer tastings set by Jon Sojorka


For your parents:

Gratitude Boards by Peter Zeuerner

Alternative: Kitchenware by Jim & Sandy from Beehive

For all your guests:

Homemade, natural soaps by Earth & Anchor


Candles from Cocoruto in New Bedford
Garrison’s chocolate from Laughing Gull Chocolates


For the happy couple:

It is a wedding registry event, after all, so why not pick a few things out for yourselves? No one will judge if you’d rather receive than give any of the locally made treasures mentioned above.

Also, an adorable wooden whale cutting board from John Hugo in Warren? Yes please.

whale board

Stock Culinary Goods itself is also a full service store obsessed with all things food-related, and as such they offer a lot of practical kitchen wares that are must-haves for  the couple to-be. These include All Clad 10 piece sets, Wusthof knives, Le Creuset Dutch ovens, cutting boards, and more.

Dane says, “While people are here, I’m hoping they’ll explore some of our other offerings so they know that they can get a Le Creuset Dutch oven as easily here as at Williams Sonoma.” The local business even matches Amazon prices, and there’s no penalty to registering with them. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

“We have served many couples over the years and it’s a very friendly, affirming thing,” says Dane. “We get to meet the couples, their families, their friends. Everything gets written on pretty paper stock and people can come and peruse and buy.”

And they have fun.

“One of our first couples came in and took goofy photos with every product they wanted and put it up on their wedding website. It was a big hit,” says Dane. “I usually serve sparkling wine while they’re here and we really get to interact. It feels very meaningful!”

Then once it comes time for your guests to purchase the items on your favorites list, Stock is more than happy to assist in any way they can. Guests can call in a present, have it wrapped and stored until they are ready to pick it up for the wedding, or, if they can’t make it, Stock can reach out to the newlyweds personally and let them know they have a gift waiting for them. Dane has actually found that the services they provide are often optimal for local family and friends. In fact, most of their customers are quite appreciative.

“I think a thing I’ve wrapped my head around is that if one is registering anyway, why not keep it in the local economy?” adds Dane. “If a skillet is a skillet is a skillet, why not register for it with somebody who knows how it works, can follow up with any questions, and has the experience of a real community endeavor instead of just getting a generic box from Central Warehouse, USA?”

As someone who writes for a local bridal publication and deeply appreciates all things Rhode Island, I really couldn’t have said it better myself.



Address: 756 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

Time: 6:15 p.m.

Price: FREE

Website: Stock Culinary Goods

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