Ask the Expert: Kaitlyn Alyece Event Architects

Ask the Expert: Kaitlyn Alyece Event Architects

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No one ever said wedding planning would be easy, and that’s why there’s a whole industry dedicated to helping you make sure that your day is the best that it can be. We caught up with veteran event planner Kaitlyn Frolich who recently launched her own business, Kaitlyn Alyece Event Architects, to dive into all the must-know details about hiring a wedding coordinator.

By Alison Greene

What is the difference between an on-site coordinator provided by a venue and a contracted wedding coordinator?

Great question! They share many similarities in that they both deal with coordinating the day with the family, the venue, wedding professionals, etc. The main difference is that an on-site coordinator deals more with the staff and vendor logistics. A contracted coordinator (or event architect) takes care of all the details and provides more of a hands on, white glove service for the couple. They coordinate with the vendors and the venue to ensure a smooth, effortless day.  They will also provide vendor matchmaking, and set up and attend meetings with the pros and couple. We approach the process with designer eyes and treat the day as more of an experience than just an event. Our relationships with top industry professionals ensures that the couple gets the best pros for what they want to achieve.

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What different services do wedding coordinators offer?

Everyone has their own style. Generally it would include day of, full plan, vendor matching, logistics, design and layout, budget assistance or a la carte options for those who are more DIY.


How far in advance should a bride/groom book a wedding coordinator’s services and why?

There are a lot of factors as every couple is different. Typically, 12-16 months before your selected date is a good rule of thumb for full service. However, don’t wait for the last minute to hire a pro for “day of” coordination, as that actually starts 1-3 months prior to the wedding date to allow for a smooth transition and to allow time for the coordinator to familiarize themselves with the feel of the day, contact the wedding professionals involved and coordinate with the venue.

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Do brides/grooms normally already know what they are looking for when they hire you to coordinate their wedding?

Mostly they have a vague idea of what they like/want. Our job requires a touch of investigative work to draw out what they really want. I like to work with images as people interpret words/colors differently. One bride’s chartreuse is another bride’s pea soup.

Image by Yaritza Colon Photography

What details do couples tend to miss when they are planning a wedding?

There are so many details to consider. One big thing is anticipating what their guests need before they need it. We have tons of experience and can predict the future when it comes to events. For example, a couple is having an early spring outdoor fete in Rhode Island by the water. A suggestion we would offer would be to have a basket with pashminas available for the guests should they get chilly even with the sun out. Because, you know, RI can be cooler and warmer in the same day.

A fun fact about Kaitlyn Alyece Event Architects is….

We are more than just weddings. We work with many local non-profits as well. Have you seen the pics from the PPS Winter Bash, Steampunk Soiree? Check them out here.13639 (002)

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